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What’s the Mental Sports Academy?

The ultimate challenge for the Next Generation Athlete

At exclusive locations worldwide, former cyclist, team leader and professional mental coach Joost Koop provides a mental training program for an international group of (top) athletes, trainers, and coaches. Full of inspiration and motivation and without endless PowerPoint sheets!

Mental Sports Academy

The Mental Sports Academy is an institute where mental sports coaching is central. This is designed:

  • For everyone who wants to get the most out of their sports career.
  • For those who want to stand out from the crowd, above their opponents, competitors and above their team members.
  • For the athlete and the coach who take the initiative and show more courage.
  • For those looking for more challenge and variety.
  • And thus stay in front of the ball.

But also for athletes who choose a rest period after a tournament or intensive training period, perhaps even a sabbatical. Even during a longer rest period you can take steps with mental sports coaching. How? By formulating goals and investigating the mind. Which path is yours once you are at that junction? Together with other athletes you will see how to proceed. In addition, it is always possible at our training locations to work on your condition or to keep track of it. Do you suffer from an injury? Even then, you don’t keep quiet and MSA helps you with a useful, mental training.

From books you learn other things than we let you see, hear and feel. Online training: we don’t do that.  Direct contact really brings about something. An effect that touches you. Verbal and non-verbal communication brings about growth and change; the trainer and trainee, plus the unique dynamics of a training group.

Learning at a mental level has the greatest effect on your system in a new, inspiring, and international environment. Together with other athletes and coaches from other branches of sport from all over the world, you, as a top player will lack nothing at all. You and your development are priority No. 1 for 12 days long. With this learning at a mental level, all senses will be stimulated, and the training will make a big impression.

In mystical Abu Dhabi (February + November), in -the heart of the fresh Southern German Alps (April + September), and in -The Golden State – California, (July-August), the climate is most pleasant at that time (around 76 – 78 F), and the energy is at the right level. There, we will eventually coach you to a ”Next Generation Athlete” or a ”Next Generation Coach” with which you will make the big difference after this once in a lifetime experience.

YES: I am ready to grow into a Next Generation: