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The ultimate challenge for the Next Generation Athlete

Do you feel that there is something else?
Do you feel that there is something just below the surface, which so far, you could not get hold of — Feelable but not really tangible?

Do you think that the feeling your inner drive gives you, in your opinion, is not yet strong enough? You have reached the bottom, and yet you know for sure: you can get even more out of yourself. We teach you HOW you can break through your own soil and get what you are looking for!Grab it in your own way and hold on to it; during your sports career and also for the rest of your life.

You are a professional: the best, the fastest, the smartest, and the strongest in your sport. You want to be the most powerful version of yourself, both physically and mentally. This is what you’ve done so far. Executed. Pursued. But are you actually able to stay in the “FULL-POWER” mode?

How well are you able to feel how and when you react best, perform optimally and take the profit? When exactly do you have to switch which buttons? Physically optimal reaction, performance, and profit go hand in hand with listening carefully to yourself (your inner voice), to your needs, your body and your environment.


Athletes who come to us are disciplined and have an incredible drive to achieve something. They know that a sports career doesn’t last forever. After all, the clock is ticking, and it keeps on ticking. They know better than anyone that performance is worth something, only that they cherish it in their own way and take it with them to the next phase.

With that feeling, they force themselves to be admitted to MSA. Athletes who participate in our programs are attracted to it. Only then you are really ready for it.

Only then will you leave the training full of inspiration and motivation and return home in the most powerful version of yourself. And when you get home, this doesn’t go unnoticed, believe us…

Within the content of our training courses Bronze and Silver we distinguish between the athlete and
the coach. Why? Well, the average coach has already collected more on his life path than the
younger athlete. If the coach program of Bronze or Silver still fits better in your schedule, we are the
last ones to refuse you. Again, the choice lies entirely with you.

For athletes, sportsmen, and sportswomen as well as esports and paralympic athletes, we offer a program on 4 levels:

Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Bronze and Silver are the starters. Gold and Platinum are the heavies.

Bronze “Warming-Up”

This program ensures your uniqueness as an athlete and improves communication with yourself and then to others. Obstacles and pitfalls, emotions and setbacks are overcome, and you learn to see them as opportunities and possibilities.

This enables you to hold on to your focus more easily and more often, and the result is that you will set your own goals. With these tools, you get a model that allows you to live more from your heart than from your head. In other words, ambitious and passionate instead of rationally egocentric.


With this, you are able to:

  • Listening to your inner voice
  • Feel what your body tells you, 24 hours a day.
  • Both verbally and non-verbally at the cutting edge know when and how to communicate with coaches, team members and managers.
  • Stay cool and in control how to respond to social media, sponsors, and journalists
  • Make the right choices for yourself at any time
  • Define the right objective

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Silver “Feed-Back to the future”


The logical sequel. Once you’ve started with Bronze, you’ll soon notice that there’s a need for more; to grow further and become more complete. During this course, we will continue to expose your foundation, your own norms, and values.

After Silver:

  • Recognize your underlying, deeper processes that you first applied in your communication and that you first lived by.
  • Tackle the emotions and beliefs that emerged from the past.
  • Your drives will be exposed, and you will bend them into your own values and norms that are only important to you.
  • Build your own identity so that you are more complete and complete as an athlete to put away.
  • Learn to recognize the qualities of another and to use them as such so that you will benefit from them at least as much as your opponent(s).
  • Know how to reduce the identification and comparison with others more and more.
  • Live more and more as a unique athlete and stands for that in this world.

The model that was given to you during the last 3 days in the Bronze – training is still being worked out in the last 3 days and gives you more grip on and direction towards the future.

This will enable you to:

  • become a more complete person in addition to your role as an athlete.
  • Live more to your own values as a unique person.
  • Complement your daily roles as an athlete and vice-versa.
  • Come amazingly fast to the core in your communication.
  • Be incredibly energetic because you’ve changed your thinking styles.

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Gold “The Deep Dive”


In this training, Silver groups of coaches and athletes merge into one group process.

If you have the ambition to coach at both individual and group level after your active career, we offer gold and platinum. In doing so, we also provide a direct answer to your question: “What will happen after my active career as an athlete? Collaboration within teams is the most important part of success. That’s what we call ”teamspirit”. With ”Gold” you are able to give a team a taste of the true team spirit.

With your passion and motivation, you let a team grow and “experience” successes. This takes place on an emotional and intellectual level. YOU will know how to change or apply this complex process, and that will result in an unprecedented success.

After your Bronze and Silver, you will be able to communicate with the experiences of individual team members in terms of challenges and changes. You will bring qualities to all team members with which you significantly improve the efficiency and creativity of each individual.

Then, from the cooperation and communication between individuals, a process starts because you have taught them how.

That energy starts to flow. Something results from this: a collective that is supported by the team. Teamspirit. And with that, the red carpet towards common goals has finally been rolled out by nobody else than you.

You let team members see:

  • Where their ability to share knowledge lies.
  • How they will think and act in a coordinated way to achieve ”bold” results during training.
  • How to communicate their qualities to complement others.

Then you learn to recognize the team in its entirety:

  • What the current challenges are and the opportunities it faces
  • How to recognize and see (through) group intelligence, and,
  • It starts to appreciate this intelligence in order to achieve success.
  • How it has previously adapted strategies to encourage and enhance team spirit.
  • What specific steps have been implemented to ultimately allow collective intelligence to take place?

The main advantage of promoting this cooperation is that group members experience rapid personal growth and improve their creative problem-solving skills.

And of all that, you were at the basis…

This training is planned for 2022 in Abu Dhabi and is currently being compiled and developed, partly based on current participants in Bronze, and Silver.

Does this unique experience at the Mental Sports Academy appeal to you? Book my training.

Platina “The Highest Touch-down”