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Athletes and coaches from all over the world are now finding their way to my institute. Together we make sure that we make progress. Together with the groups of students, I work for two weeks so that they stay in balance throughout their lives and are able to perform optimally. At the same time, they make sure that I sleep in a good bed, that I can open a hot shower every day and that I can tap coffee from my machine.

I take good care of myself. I have to, because every day I have to be there for my students. Circle around again, you might say. However, the daily warm blanket, the shower and the cup of coffee also enable me to do something for someone else. For someone who can only dream of impressive courses like mine.

If we travel to our classrooms in a luxurious way, then for many children in India a short ride to school is the greatest danger. Not to mention other malignancies lurking elsewhere.

Giving something back for someone else: children

For children in India, the things we take for granted every day are more like a survival test from the television programme Expedition Robinson. If immunity is only a status for its participants, it is literally a matter of life and death for children in India.

I will spare you the degrading details. It goes without saying that children like this can only dream of a career in sport. Let alone ever be able to take impressive courses, as offered by yours truly.

And so the undersigned frees up time to offer them a training course in their own familiar place. So that they can have those things for the rest of their lives that are so incredibly valuable. So that they  can make the right choices too for themselves at any time. This, together with sports outfits, makes the training weeks unforgettable for them.

What I just outlined is the way in which I put the mission of my institute into the world. That makes me complete as a trainer. In four year from now on, my Mental Sports Academy will become a worldwide institute in the field of Mental Coaching & Training, known in all branches of sport.

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