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Elite Sponsorship International

Athletes with a ROUNDED silver-training are approached by us to participate in the ‘ELITE SPONSORSHIP INTERNATIONAL’.

Annually, there is space for Elite Sponsorships Int. (ESI) from our Academy.
With an ESI in the pocket you:

  • will receive clothing assignment based on your suitability, or our logos will be placed in consultation with your current clothing sponsor.
  • will get featured in ads, and,
  • will be discernible on all our social media platforms + website worldwide
  • will earn tax-free percentages of the registrations per student who register with us through your publicity.    These fees are paid in 1 time after each course year.
  • Earn credits with the number of sharing and likes on your Social Media that you can redeem for discount on your planned Gold and/or Platinum training.

When you agree to the ESI status, you will keep the following during the 2-year period of your sponsorship:

1. Online presence

We ask that you maintain a high social media presence to spread the awareness of Mental Sports Academy through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest (and your own blog site).

2. Whereabouts

Let us know what you’re doing!

  • Action shot of every game you join (1MB +, copyright free in high resolution.)
  • Contest reports

3. Athlete recommendations

Tell everyone about MSA. Promote our courses in that way as we have taught you: with passion and only when the situation is there.

  • with other athletes, at your club or team or during competitions

4. Essential Knowledge: Be aware

You possess the essential basic knowledge that you need. You are also expected to have knowledge about following books:

  • Shoe dog – Phil Knight
  • The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

5. Brand representation

You ‘wear us ‘ when you train in your MSA clothing: We require you to wear our clothing during a competition or at least to see our logo prominently on your clothing, helmet, equipment, etc.

6. After our training, you are a responsible and a positive representative of the person you are standing for:

The highest achievable reach is important and certainly something that we hope you will reach. But you are an ‘ in between the people ‘ representative. The image you transfer is also a direct reflection of us.

7. Product testimonials about your experiences

You will write an amazing review about the bronze-and the silver-training on our website.

8. Teams

We offer in consultation clothing and support in facilities (fees for flights and accommodations) and free teambuilding sessions in preparation for season and tournaments for your entire team in consultation.

9. Sponsorship Terms and Conditions

Conflicting sponsorship: we require that you do not receive concurrent sponsorship from another institute or academy or equivalent company while sponsored by us. In addition, in consultation with us, the places of other sponsors are always positioned on your clothing. Sponsorship is immediately withdrawn if we see that you do not keep the rules.

Correspondence with athletes who have completed the silver training goes through: