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The ultimate challenge for the Next Generation Coach

For those coaches who are able to feel that there is more, and who also believe that there is more to be achieved than just communicating on an intellectual level. That there is more to be added to training on an emotional level. That just experience gained in the field and in the dressing rooms is no longer enough to make the difference.

Coaches who are open to the subcutaneous. The rooted. The coach who wants to get hold of it at all costs and then passes it on to his team.  With that, he sets himself up as a Next Generation Coach.

Everything is possible everywhere

We teach you HOW you can break through to deeper issues that recently remained unattainable. You are able to solve them now and forever. Definitely. And, in this case, grabbing it also means holding it. Now, later and for the rest of your life. This has effects on your environment that you didn’t think possible until recently.

You are a ”Pro”. Tactical, strategic, ambitious, ingenious…

Before you coach a group or individual, you will first have to stand there yourself: physically and mentally, the most powerful version of yourself. But are you actually able to motivate and inspire again? Stay online? Download new creative solutions from your own hard drive every time, keep on inspiring others? What do you really use to touch your pupils all over again?

How to perform optimally?

How well are you able to feel how and when you should react best, perform optimally, and take the profit? When exactly do you have to switch which buttons? Optimal reaction, performance, and profit go hand in hand with listening carefully to yourself (your inner voice), your needs, and your body. Only then can you listen to what pupils ask of you.

Coaches who come to us are disciplined and have an incredible drive to go further. Hate to fall silent. And by doing so, they force their own admission. Coaches who participate in our programs follow their guts. That’s the only right signal that tells you that you’re actually ready for it. Only then will a training will be successful. Then you pack your sports bag with new inspiration and motivation to return home in the most powerful version of yourself.

From then on, your trainings will only be inspiring. Valuable for you and therefore also for someone else’s career. Deal? Deal!

Our programs succeed each other respectively:

Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Bronze and Silver are the step-ups and are completely focused on your own person.

Gold and Platinum for those die-hards who, after they have fully developed themselves, want to use their top qualities for the benefit of other athletes.

Bronze is aimed at the individual. The communication with yourself and then from yourself to others. Overcome obstacles and pitfalls, emotions, and setbacks and convert them into opportunities and possibilities.

Silver makes you a coach who is able to penetrate deeper levels of yourself.

Gold, the highest step makes you the Next Generation Coach. You know how to get to the core.

You pass on all your coaching skills practically so that future generations will also benefit from your qualities.

Do you want to put your own leadership style more firmly on the foundation so that you blindly speed up your own identity as a leader on and off the field? Then Platinum is your vocation.

Bronze “Warming-Up”

Aimed at the individual. The communication with yourself and the reflection with others. Obstacles and pitfalls, emotions and setbacks are overcome, and you learn to see them as opportunities and possibilities.

This enables you to hold on to your focus more and more easily. As a result, you will set your own goals. With these tools, you get a model that allows you to live more from out of your heart than from out of your head. In other words, ambitious and passionate instead of rationally egocentric.

With this, you are able to:

  • Listen to your inner voice.
  • Feel what your body tells you.
  • Both verbally and non-verbally at the cutting edge knows when and how to communicate with and respond to your (assist-) coach, team, managers, on social media and with journalists and sponsors.
  • Make the right choices for yourself at any time.
  • Define exactly the right objective.

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Silver “Feed-Back to the future”


Your feedback after a period of integration after Bronze. We will continue to expose your foundation, norms your and values.

You will:

  • Recognize underlying, deeper processes that you first applied in your communication and where you first lived.
  • Recognize emotions and beliefs that have emerged and be able to tackle them.
  • Expose and bend your motives into your own values and norms that are only important to you.
  • Further develop your own identity so that you can put yourself away as a coach.
  • Learn to recognize the qualities of someone else and to use them as such so that you gain at least as much advantage as your opponent(s).
  • More and more live as a unique coach and stand in this world where you are able to leave out identification and comparison with others.

The model that was given to you during the last 3 days in the Bronze – training is still being worked out in the last 3 days and gives you more grip on and direction towards the future.

This will enable you to:

  • become a more complete person in addition to your role as a coach
  • Live more according to your own values as a unique person
  • Complement your daily roles from your role as coach and vice-versa
  • Amazingly fast, get to the point in communication.
  • be unbelievably decisive because you have adapted your thinking styles.

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Gold “The Deep Dive”

In this training, Silver groups of coaches and athletes merge into one group process. If you have the ambition to deepen your active career, to give it more glitz and glamour, or in order to coach as well on individual as on group level with depth, we offer gold and platinum. This responds exactly to your feeling ”which hidden strings do I still know how to hit?”.

Collaboration within teams is the most important part of success: Team spirit.

With ”Gold” you are able to give a team a taste of the true team spirit. With your passion and motivation, you let a team grow and achieve successes but also ”experience”. This takes place on an emotional and intellectual level. YOU know how to change or apply this complex process, and that has resulted in unprecedented success.

After your Bronze and Silver, you will be able to communicate with the experiences of individual team members in terms of challenges and changes. You bring qualities to all team members with which you improve the efficiency and creativity of each individual tremendously.

Then, from the cooperation and communication between individuals, a process starts because you have taught them how. Once that energy starts to flow, something will result from this: a collective that is supported by the team: ”team spirit”. And with that, the red carpet towards common goals has finally been rolled out by nobody else than you.

With Gold you are able to let team members experience:

  • Where their abilities lie to share knowledge,
  • How they will think and act in a coordinated way to achieve ”bold” results during training.
  • To communicate their qualities to complement others.

Then you learn to recognize the team in its entirety:

  • What the current challenges are.
  • Where the opportunities lie with which it is confronted.
  • How to recognize and see (through) group intelligence.
  • This must start to appreciate in order to achieve success.
  • How it has previously adapted strategies to encourage and enhance team spirit.
  • The specific steps have been implemented to ultimately allow this form of collective intelligence to take place.

The main advantage of promoting this cooperation is that group members experience extremely fast personal growth and improve their creative problem-solving skills.

And of all that, you were at the base from the beginning…

This training is planned for 2022 in Abu Dhabi and is currently being compiled and developed, partly on the basis of current participants in Bronze, and Silver.

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Platina “The Highest Touch-down”

The ultimate sequel to “GOLD”.

You are now seen as a COACH. Makes out of coaches bullit-proof leaders above and beyond the playing field. The most important success factors for trainers and coaches -the leaders of a team- is their resilience. Resilience is the ability of individuals, and ultimately teams, to quickly resist or recover from difficult circumstances. In doing so, maintain a sense of balance with both success and adversity.

When you are challenged, do you always seize the opportunity? Of course. But not really. If the challenge seems too big, you can crash. And let’s recognize those skills from our own career. And that’s what we are going to teach you. Leadership is about people (including yourself) being willing to be their best, taking on challenges, overcoming obstacles, and achieving critical goals.

The world around us is spinning. That means constantly change but not always progress.

In times of adversity, there will be many challenges, such as meeting the fear of the unknown, dealing with loss and a general feeling of vulnerability. Immerse yourself more often in useless survival strategies such as attacking or fleeing or freezing. These can lead to inertia, confusion, or conflict. Do you agree? Read on.

In order to come through change, it is important to develop qualities such as flexibility and stability, balance, connection, and the ability to ‘let go.’  As long as results are being created by team spirit without any problem: piece of cake.

Sooner or later, every aircraft will suffer from turbulence. And so does the captain. That same captain has to get rid of the autopilot. Just take the stick in his own hands to stay in balance. And you can’t do that by just pressing one button. Don’t even think about that: it requires constant adjustment.

Before a pilot has developed these qualities; the point at which precisely these skills have ended up in his ”muscles” requires many hours of flying — better known as exercise. Crisis, transition, and transformation are three important dynamics that trainers and coaches must learn to deal with in times of unrest and adversity.

We teach our own roadmaps and working methods that will help you develop tools to effectively communicate the different stages of adversity and far-reaching changes to your team. You then know how to integrate it well, and for a team that’s more than the sum of Gold and Platinum.

In this way, leadership becomes conscious leadership:

  • From now on, you will build and coach your team from a state of ”presence”.
  • It gives you access to multiple ”intelligences”. Your different brains. Head – heart – belly.
  • Thinking – feeling – doing. And live up to your very highest standards and values and employ them to achieve a greater goal with your team.
  • And that is ultimately to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Conscious leadership after your “Platinum” means:

  • Being authentic.
  • Being emotionally involved.
  • Targeted working.
  • Taking responsibility.

Only then will you be able to:

  • Clearly formulate and communicate your vision and that of the team,
  • Focus on a higher goal,
  • Influence a complete team inkl staff members, management, and board by your inspiration.
  • Set a good example: having your conversations when asked to do so, and,
  • keep a balance between self-interest and the general interest at all times and know how to communicate exactly the same thing to your team.
  • Respect multiple perspectives and integrate them at the same time.
  • Carry out attentive self-leadership
  • Reflect on the lessons learned from experience.
  • recognize countless new other opportunities.

And then you’ll be rocking for the rest of your career: enjoy!

This course is planned for 2022 in Abu Dhabi and is currently being compiled and developed on the basis of current participants in Bronze, and Silver.

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