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General Conditions

General conditions
training courses Mental Sports Academy (MSA)


Article 1. Applicability

  1. These terms and conditions apply to all courses that take place on locations of Mental Sports Academy (hereinafter referred as: MSA).
  2. Deviations from and / or additions to these general terms and conditions are only valid insofar as these have been agreed in writing.
  3. If one or more provisions in these general terms and conditions at any time are wholly or partially invalid or should be destroyed, then the remainder remains in this general terms and conditions apply in full.

Article 2. Definitions

  1. The following definitions apply in these general terms and conditions:
    a. Event: Course or training on dates can be found on the website
    b. Participant: the natural person acting in a manner permitted by the organizer has registered for participation in the course also has a payment obligation met.
    c. Registration: the acceptance by the participant to participate in the course through of sending the registration form on the website
  2. The general terms and conditions apply to every registration.

Article 3. Cancellation conditions

  1. It is possible to cancel the registration. After the registration has taken place, canceled by sending an email to:
    Cancellation terms are as follows:
    a. Cancellation up to 6 weeks before the start of the event is possible: against payment of 50% of the total amount.
    b. Cancellation between 6 and 4 weeks before the start of the event 75% of the total amount.
    c. In all other cases, the full amount remains due.
    d. Substitution is possible to a limited extent. The substitute’s name must be sent by e-mail be passed on. All costs incurred with regard to rebooking airline tickets + the availability of this will be charged to the participant.

Article 4. Changes and cancellation by the organizer

The organizer explicitly reserves the right to make changes to the program if circumstances warrant it. It also reserves the right to cancel courses without giving reasons. In the latter case, the already paid registration fees refunded.

Article 5. Personal data

The personal data provided by a participant is provided by the organizer included in a file. By participating in the event a participant grants permission to the organizer to use personal data for sending information to the participant. The organizer will provide this data with the largest process due care and not make it available to third parties without express the participant’s consent other than the third party engaged by the organizer registering the participants.

Article 6. Portrait right

The participant gives permission in advance to the organizer for disclosure photos and images taken during or around the meeting the participant is (partly) visible. The organizer is in any case entitled to the photos and to use the visual material for promotional purposes. The participant will do not oppose the use of the photos and images, nor will the participant require compensation from the organizer for this purpose.