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About Joost Koop

Joost Koop is trainer and initiator of the Mental Sports Academy. He is an experienced top sports coach, guest lecturer in education, team leader in cycling, active sportsman and sports enthusiast. As a professional mental sports coach, he takes individual (team) athletes, teams, trainers and sports coaches and their sporting achievements to a higher level. Joost always had the feeling that he was missing something. During his active career as a rider and sports director, he did not succeed in removing the blockages in order to be able to perform optimally. A constant gut feeling indicated that there was more to be done.

He was fascinated and enthusiastic by various mental education and training courses at home and abroad. It turned out to be so valuable and life-enriching that he could no longer keep it to himself. Now he passes on this knowledge to others. As a personal coach and trainer.

So that athletes and coaches can fully rely on their own intuition. Before someone else tells them what is good for them. First yourself and then the science and experience of others. Actually, Joost calls himself a ‘roadmap’. Helping people in the sports world to find the right way, that’s what he does every day with a lot of passion. And with success!

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A cycling carreer

In addition to his work, Joost has been an active sportsman since he was fifteen. You know it: he bought a bicycle from his first newspaper district. Goal reached. New goal: cycling shoes. 2 months later: check. On to a set of spare wheels: and so on. The ultimate goal? Become a team leader of a professional cycling team.

For ten years he has been cycling with several teams at a high level. In the winter he climbed on a mountain bike, got into the boxing ring and dived into the swimming pool: one-sided training was not for him either.

And a team leader in a country other than his mother tongue?  In the UCI continental teams of Differdange (LU), Regiostrom (Kuota), ProTeam Nutrixxion and PZ-Racing he learned the German mentality. He then decided to study personal development and awareness with Team Metec.

At the moment he is able to allow athletes and trainers to exploit their talents, giving them the prospect of a better life. In this way, we can pass on the knowledge we have gained to our younger generations.

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